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Get your hands on the Blueprint to success course that will transform you from PROCRASTINATER to SUCCESSFUL SALON OWNER in just 10 STEPS



This course will help you develop skills to stop procrastination, become a high performer and manage your time better

Marketing your business

This course will Make sure you are attracting the right clients through your marketing plan and strategy 

Plan & Vision

This course will help you have a vision for your business along with a plan and strategy that helps turn your dream into reality, so you can have a business that works around you and your lifestyle!

Support & Guidance

You will receive full support and guidance to help you through the easy step by step process that has been proven to gets results


Join Now And Get Access To The Step By Step BLUEPRINT TO SUCCESS COURSE following and easy proven Method. 

EVALUATE, PLAN, OPTIMISE YOUR MARKETING, SYSTEMISE & GROW your SALES using the same framework I’ve applied to MY own business and  multiple other businesses .

course overview

The BLUEPRINT TO SUCCESS COURSE is delivered over 10 months in an online course format which you will have your own login suitable for all types of business owners and salon owners.

Natasha who is an award winning business mentor has designed this course for you to take you through an easy step by step formula to systemise your business.

Each module will be released step by step so you do not get overwhelmed. You will need to complete each module step by step in order for the next module to be unlocked.

At the end of the month (usually Sunday at 6pm) we will have a group Zoom session to go through any questions you might have.

The course is set up so you follow the step by step proven formula. It really works!

You will have access to the Blueprint to Success Facebook support group too.

The modules include:

  • MODULE 1- Evaluate where you are- deep dive on your habits, procrastination, accountability, morning & evening routines and time management.

  • MODULE 2- Set a vision- In this module you will develop your personal and business goals using proven methods to keep you focused and stop shiny object syndrome.

  • MODULE 3- Know your numbers- in this module we will dissect your costs and break it down for you in an easy to understand format so you can finally get your head around your figures. You'll get Treatment, Overhead and Profit Calculators templates worth over £600

  • MODULE 4- Systemise your business & team so you can take time off whenever you like. You'll get HR template Documents Valued at £1000 which are fully customisable for your business.

Payment plan (Valued at £200)

If you want to offer an interest free payment plan to your clients without using a 3rd party and the costs associated this is the template for you.


- Payment plan template

- Contract

- Payment plan policy and procedure

Operation Manual for systemising your business worth over £2,000

Step by step guides to show each member of staff how to do a task, this is a valuable source to automate your business without you being there. Highly Valuable when you want to exit your business. Each guide is a template that you can fully customise for your business.


  • MODULE 5- Understanding Key Performance Indicators to GROW your business in a simple and easy way

  • MODULE 6- Identify your Culture and Company ethos to attract raving fans (customers and staff)

  • MODULE 7- Discover how to get clear your company Marketing strategy & have total clarity on your Branding

  • MODULE 8- Attracting your ideal client- learn how to get more leads into your business and retain your existing customers

  • MODULE 9- Planning your campaigns for the next year- this module will delve into your business campaigns and give you a really easy formula, this will help you come up with ideas and ultimately be deliberate and less reactive when marketing your business.

  • MODULE 10- Master your consultations- This is the most overlooked area in most businesses, teams are left to just get on with it and haven't had any formal training on how to successfully convert a lead into a paying client. In this module you will learn all of the top tips to grow your business! 



Angela- Blueprint to Success

Angela- Blueprint to Success

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