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Q1 Update on my progress with my 2023 goals

⭐Q1 Update on my progress with my 2023 goals ⭐

As you may know, I set some pretty ambitious goals at the beginning of the year, and I've been grinding every day since then to make progress towards achieving them.

I want to share my journey with you to inspire and motivate you to chase your own goals, no matter how big or small they may be.

(If you watch my progress you’ll see my day to day struggles on my Facebook stories.)

Just to remind you, I split my goals into five areas: health, business, family, personal, and achievements.

Health - Lose 1 stone in weight - Tone my body - Feel healthy

Business - Help 500 business owners. - Streamline my business with just 3 products to offer. - Increase my exposure. - Join another mastermind or hire a mentor/coach. - Learn to speak professionally - Continue writing my own book

Family - Create experiences and memories of a lifetime. - Travel with family

Personal - learn to do the splits - Learn a dance routine

Achievements - speak on stage - Win award

Ok Health Goals….

I’ve lost a few pounds in weight nothing significant, and to most that could be really depressing and I’m not going to lie, every time I step on the scales I’m hoping for a loss and it’s disappointing when I don’t see it.

However, I noticed my body fluctuates in weight throughout the month depending on what time of the month it is, which includes feeling bloated and heavy.

At the beginning of the quarter, I developed some promising habits for food.

My goal was to eat healthy, smaller portions, and not restrict myself if I wanted to eat something tasty and delicious, but to keep everything in moderation and choose healthier options.

Recently, these healthy habits have started slipping. I've been making poor decisions for quick fixes, such as takeaways and high-sugar snacks. I haven't been drinking enough water and too much tea, which has made me feel sluggish. Last week, I even missed some exercise sessions.

I felt exhausted and not motivated. I thought, "What's the point? Why am I even doing this?"

My internal dialogue went something like this:

"I'm 41 and can get by looking okay. I can buy clothes that hide my stomach and wobbly arms. No one will really know if I'm working out or not."

But then I had a word with myself and got back to the real reason why I'm doing it.

I'm doing it for me, so I feel good, so I am proud of the way I look, not trying to hide myself.

I decided that last week, I would redo week 12, and that's exactly what I did. I hated every moment of working out, but I loved the feeling of accomplishment more!

So I'm back on track!

Even though I missed three workouts, it's not the end of the world. It's only a small setback that I can recover from quickly if I get my mind right.

(Lesson: I realised that I had to do it early as possible in the day, literally soon as I wake up, sip of water and get started! Otherwise if I left it later it wouldn’t get done and I’d have to catch up.)

Business Moving on to my business goals. I set a goal to help 500 business owners this year, but I realized I need to quantify this somehow.

Maybe I could quantify it by getting reviews or testimonials? I'm still working on that.

I've achieved streamlining my business with just three products to offer: my 1-1 mentoring, my Supreme Being Academy, and the Spa Business Retreat events.

My exposure has increased, and people are commenting that they're seeing my content everywhere. I even got a complaint from an old school friend that he was seeing my content way too much on his timeline, which he didn't appreciate. So I put him out of his misery and removed him for his own sanity.

Joining another mastermind or hiring a mentor/coach isn't something I'm looking to do anytime soon, perhaps towards the end of the year.

Learning to speak professionally is still on my list, but it makes me feel very uncomfortable at the thought. So I'll start looking and researching speaking programs

As for writing my own book, I've been very busy and although I've thought about it, I've been distracted. So I'll get back on track and plan out my time.

Family My family goals haven't gone quite as planned, unfortunately. I've been so focused on work that I haven't created many new experiences or memories with my loved ones yet.

But I've booked off some time in the next week to make up for it, and I'm excited to spend some quality time with them.

Another goal was to Travel with family…. Nothing has happened in the last 3 months but plans will be actioned for the next 3 months.


One of my personal goals this year is to do the splits, I’m not quite there yet but my flexibility is getting better and it’s getting easier to do the splits.

This year I’d love earn a dance routine and although I haven’t technically started the practical part of this as I need to find a space, I have made enquiries and signed up to a dance academy club to learn the routine that I want to learn.


It’s a goal of mine to speak on stage this year, I’ve had two people approach me to speak at their events, one clashed with my own event and the other I’m just waiting for confirmation of a date, but I need to project my wish to speak on stage more and let it be known to get more opportunities.

I’d love to Win another award through nominations that is not in my hands, unless I apply for a reputable organisation awards with judges etc.

So, that's where I'm at right now.

It hasn't been easy, but I'm determined to keep pushing forward and making progress towards my goals.

I hope that my journey has inspired you to do the same, no matter what your goals may be.

Remember, it's not about being perfect, it's about being persistent.

Let's go get 'em!

If you got this far thank you for reading and drop an emoji or comment below and let me know how your goals have gone this quarter?

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