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Why I can help you...

Hi I’m Natasha a business mentor & strategist.

I have over 25 years in the beauty business, been mentoring since 2006, ran my laser & skin clinic for 9 years in a busy shopping centre in Greater London and won multiple awards.

But I wasn’t always destined to be that successful business owner, in fact I was destined to be the complete opposite.

❌I was raised on a bad council estate in north London, poorest family in the area. ❌I left home at 16 ❌Also left education completely ❌had a baby at 17 ❌evicted and homeless at 17 and half ❌Most people doubted I would have any type of career. ❌that I would be a single mum on benefits

However, everyone under estimated what I was capable of….

And I transformed my life!

(More about that another time)

I love transforming my clients businesses so that they have a lifestyle they’ve always desired, this is my passion , this is what I’m good at 😁

Some of the results I’ve achieved with 1-1 clients are:

⭐ From £200 in account to £80,000 , saved for commercial property purchased

⭐ £50,000 lump sum dividend

⭐ £50,000 in wages so that they could be accepted to get on the property ladder and buy.

⭐Revenue tripled

⭐Not working weekends anymore

And much more…

Need help in your business fill out my business assessment form here to see how I can help you

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